KnowHow Workshops were created out of a desire to
provide homeschool children and teenagers with hands
on workshops designed to help them learn important
skills needed in today's world. Our workshops are very
interactive between the student and the instructor.
n.  The knowledge and skill required to do something correctly.
Cost of each workshop (5 week session):
$55.00 per student per workshop*
*Students who take 2 or more workshops within the
same session will receive a $5 discount per workshop.
They are 1 1/2 hours long and each session will be for
5 weeks.
Our HANDS ON symbol assures that our
students will have a fun and interactive
experience as they learn!
"Our son really enjoyed the hands-on
aspect of the workshops!  He loved
taking the computer apart and seeing
all the components inside.  He also
loved getting to use all the different
tools in the woodworking class.  He was
very proud of the three great projects he
completed. I highly recommend these
workshops!  What a great asset to the
homeschooling community!"  
Karla R.

Thank you for opening your home and
sharing your time and knowledge with
our son.  He really enjoyed the
fellowship with other home schooled
boys his age, as well as, the hands on
instruction and application of all the
workshops.  I am thrilled that he
learned and retained important
practical "life skills."   He is so excited
about returning to the Know How
Workshops and becoming a seasoned
participant.  Thank you for being such a
valuable asset to  the home school
Lisa K.

I just wanted to say that our 10 year old
child is taking a robotics class at the
Know How Workshops in Lawrenceville.
 At the very first class, she built a robot
and began learning how to program it.  
She was surprised that the instructor
had the students do this in the very first
class.  She expected they would do that
closer to the end of the 5 week session.  
Now they are learning how to program
the robot to do certain tasks and testing
it out to see if there robot performs as
programmed.  She is thourougly
enjoying the class and looks forward to
it every week.  According to their
website, workshops are for ages 10-14
and the students appear to work well
together.  The Instructor, Mr. Fountain
does a great job with the students,
enjoys what he is teaching and overall
shares in the excitement of his students.
 I sit in the waiting area while she goes
to class and I can hear the students
amazement and excitement when their
robot succeeds in the task.  I highly
recommend these classes.
Mary L.

We are proud to announce that our workshops
are beginning again this fall.

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