Mike and Mitzi Fountain have been married for 16 years
and are homeschool parents of 4 children. They have
been homeschooling for the last 6 years.

Mike Fountain has worked in the construction industry as an electrician for over 7 years.
During this time, Mike acquired many skills in construction and remodeling. In addition,
Mike previously owned a small business specializing in website and multimedia design for
churches. He also has experience in building computer systems. Mike served for 11 years
as a full-time youth pastor. He is now serving the homeschool community.

Mitzi Fountain is a full time mom and homeschool teacher of their 4 children. She has
been homeschooling for 6 years. She has over 15 years of experience of working with
children and teenagers. She works part time for
A New Way Ministries, a non-profit
Christian counseling ministry. Mitzi serves as the financial administrator of the ministry. She
is also responsible for the website as well as data updates. She previously worked part
time as an independent insurance agent for MacLeod & Associates Insurance Agency.
Prior to that, she was a manager of a Christian bookstore in the Gwinnett area.