Know-How: n.  The knowledge and skill
required to do something correctly.
For three years, Mike Fountain has been teaching students the "know how" of woodworking,
home repair, computers and much more. Mike has worked in the construction industry as an
electrician for over 7 years. During this time, Mike acquired many skills in construction and
remodeling. In addition, Mike has also owned a small business specializing in website and
multimedia design and computer system builds.

KnowHow offers a variety of handyman and computer services to Gwinnett and surrounding
Electrical installs & repair:
ceiling fans, outlets, switches, breakers
& more
Doors / Locks
Laminate Flooring
Blinds / Pictures
Wood Repair
Molding / Trim Work
Plumbing repairs/ Water Heater
Computer repair:
hard drives, memory, virus and
spam protection & more
Window cleaning
Furniture moving
Junk removal
Cable TV installs
Call for even more repair projects!
                                        We offer a wide range of
                                        services at affordable prices!
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