Goal: Give students a better understanding of computers.

  • Identify various components of a computer (internal and external)
  • Learn to build a computer from start to finish
  • Learn about different types of computers
  • Learn how to install various software such as operating systems,                             
    virus protection, and more.
  • Learn basics of desktop publishing
  • Define and understand computer terminology

Goal: Give students knowledge of digital media design including video editing and website

  • Become familiar with various forms of digital media
  • Learn to create and edit digital video
  • Learn to create and edit digital photos
  • Learn basic HTML website programming
  • Learn design techniques for creating web pages

Goal: Give students an understanding of various tools and their uses as it relates to         

  • Learn the different types of tools and their purpose
  • Learn the importance of shop safety and how to safely use                                   
    various tools
  • Discover the importance of math in woodworking such as                         
    measurements & angles
  • Design and create woodworking projects

Goal: Give students a beginning knowledge of digital animation and FLASH multimedia

  • Learn techniques for creating backgrounds for animation projects
  • Learn basics of digital animation
  • Learn how to create great looking Flash presentations
  • Learn how to use Flash within websites
  • Learn to incorporate Flash within standalone CD's
Workshops are for homeschool students ages 10-14.

Goal: Give students an introduction to the world of art. Students will come away with an
increased knowledge of basic art techniques and enhance their skill in these areas.

  • Gain an understanding of the many different kinds of art
  • Learn about and draw Still Life images
  • Learn about and draw Perspective and Landscape images
  • Draw using these different mediums (pencil, charcoal, watercolor)
  • Take home projects from each medium

Goal: Give students an introduction to the world of robotics using concepts of physics as
well as practical lab experiments. This class makes use of the LEGO Robotic system.

  • Learn about the use of robots in today’s world
  • Learn the physics of gears and motors
  • Learn about intelligent logic used in robotics
  • Learn about programming through software
  • Design and build different robotic projects using the LEGO Robotic Kit

Give students an introduction to basic electronics including knowledge of electronic
parts and simple circuitry.

  • Learn basics of electricity and how it works.
  • Learn the differences between AC and DC current and voltage.
  • Learn about different electrical components such as resistors,
    capacitors, and circuit boards.
  • Discover how electronics are integrated in almost everything today.
  • Learn proper techniques of soldering.